The labor department Mendez Jara & Associates Lawyers has a team with extensive experience and great expertise in the workforce, which is characterized by his dedication and professional skills, adding value through advice rigorous, objective, personalized and adapted to the needs of our customers.

Employment Services Area

Preparation of payroll and social security
Contract Workers
Communication of high, low and variation of data on employees
Preparation of monthly income tax card (Model 110)
Income Tax Preparation annual summary. (Model 190)
Certificate of earned income
Certified family income (Model 145)
Presentation upper and lower parts of common illnesses and accidents at work and their mutual communication
Writings of sanctions and reprimand the worker
Advice on the scope of business organization
Guest Book and Registration
Assistance for the acts of reconciliation, social courts and labor inspections
Membership of Self-Employed
Aliens: Applications for work and residence permits and their renewal


Classes and types of contract work
Working time: hours and breaks
Modifications of the employment contract
Interruptions of the services provided
Suspension of employment contract. Licenses and Permits
Termination of employment contract

Social Security

Affiliation, high and low
Protected and situations
Temporary disability
Maternity. Risk during pregnancy
Permanent disability
Death and survival
Pension revaluation and concurrency
Family benefits
Framework of the Social Security system
Problems of the partners and senior managers


Preparation of payrolls
Remuneration policy: labor and tax aspects of the various elements of pay
Flexible Compensation
Pluses and accessories
Concepts listed and / or subject to income tax withholding

Labour Inspectorate

Preparation, monitoring the process and appear before the Labour Inspectorate.

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