FELCAR Legal Department consists of a large team of professionals focusing on key areas of law that provide a global and personalized advice to both businesses and individuals in any area of ​​law and defend their rights in all types of courts of Alicante or any other place in Spain.

We offer our clients a personalized service, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism, speed and transparency in the affairs entrusted to us, always looking for faster and more efficient solutions.

Assistance and defense in criminal matters
Socio-economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, misrepresentation, corporate crime, money laundering, punishable insolvency, forgery ...
Traffic offenses, drunk driving, speeding, driving without a license, disobeying authority, reckless driving and failure to relief
Support and resources to Courts: Trial Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, Superior Courts, Jury Court, High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

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